Tag: Ukraine

The Ethics of Saying No

| June 2017

Sometimes the ethical statesperson or policymaker must be prepared to refuse requests for action on the grounds that aid cannot credibly be rendered and/or any intervention could conceivably make the situation worse.

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The Risks of the “Shaming” Approach to Policy

| July 2015

The Bosnian tragedy is a case where unwillingness to really get involved should have been the spur to finding a compromise.

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Assessing the Ethics of Secession: Crimea

| March 2014

The vote in Crimea draws attention to the clash between adherence to proper, constitutional procedure and the right to self-determination.

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The Ethics of Supporting Regime Change

| February 2014

How does the ethical foreign policy practitioner develop policy to respond to the upheavals in Ukraine, Venezuela, or Thailand, or deal with the aftermath of changes of government in places like Egypt?

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